No card, no problem. Instant cash access to participating accounts in just a few taps.



Completely controlled through your mobile app with no cards to lose, no PINs to steal, no mag stripes to copy.



Thousands of ATMs located in the most convenient retail destinations like Walgreens, CVS, Target and Speedway.

How Does It Work?

To initiate a transaction at the ATM, simply touch the on-screen Mobile Cash button on participating ATMs and follow the instructions on the screen and in your banks app to complete the transaction. It’s quick and easy!

Mobile App

Access your digital wallet

Launch the banking or financial app on your phone to begin transaction.

Allpoint ATM Screen

Press the Mobile Cash button on the ATM.

Tap the screen or mobile cash button on the ATM to begin a mobile cash transaction.

scan qr code

Scan the QR code at your ATM

At your ATM scan the mobile cash QR code and follow instuctions to complete your transaction.

Who has allpoint

Who has Allpoint Mobile Cash

Check your app or contact your financial services provider to find out if you have access to Allpoint Mobile Cash.

Where Is Allpoint Mobile Cash

Over 10,000 ATMs participate in Allpoint Mobile Cash, with more joining the network regularly. Participating ATMs can be found in many of the nation’s largest retailers, such as Walgreens, Target and Speedway. Use the locator below to find Mobile Cash-enabled ATMs near you.

Contact Info

Allpoint Network
2050 W. Sam Houston Parkway South,
Suite 1300
Houston, Texas 77042
United States of America
Toll-Free: (832) 308-4000
Fax: (832) 308-4001